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E-Series Plastic Fan

Plastic Centrifugal Fan

This plastic, forward-curved multivane centrifugal fan is recommended for light-duty applications. It has been value-engineered to provide corrosion resistance and minimal downtime.

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Extravalue Plastic Fan

The APMG Plastics E-series Extravalue fan range is a competitively priced version of the provenmanbetx官方网站 design. Designed for, but not limited to, the fume cupboard market, 95% of the steelwork has been mitigated to offer greater corrosion resistance. The fan casing is manufactured from uPVC, and clear ‘Integra-flex’ PVC inlet and outlet duct connections ensure ease of installation. This in turn offers a significant cost saving as additional ancillary items are not required.


The design of the backplate allows the impeller and motor assembly to be removed from the unit without the need to disconnect the fan from the ductwork system. This doesn’t just simplify the maintenance procedure, it also reduces the downtime of the fan unit.

Our stock-holding policy allows us to expedite deliveries within short time scales.


Forward curved multivane centrifugal plastic fan available in standard sizes (Ø160, Ø200, Ø250, Ø315). Ideally suited for fume cupboard extract systems.

  • Fan Casing – Grey PVC | Supplied with clear “integra-flex,” inlet and outlet connections
  • Forward curved moulded polypropylene impeller.
  • Motors – IEC standard motors to IP55 which can be upgraded to suit the specification.
  • Motor/impeller assembly can be removed without the need to disconnect the fan from the ductwork, improving/reducing maintenance.
  • Fixings – Stainless steel throughout
  • Anti-vibration mountings included as standard.
  • Drive Arrangement – Direct drive only
  • Speed control via optional inverter drives
  • Available with L 90° & R 90° discharge.

The materials of construction are chosen according to their application and resistance to chemical attack. We’ll ask you to provide full details at tender stage.


Please see below the most common question regarding our plastic fans. Contact our friendly team if you can’t find the answer you need.

Are single phase motors suitable for plastic fan operation?

We do not offer single-phase motors for our plastic fans. This is for the following reasons:

  • Single-phase motors must operate above 75% of full load current to limit the excess power dissipating as heat. This heat causes the motor to burn out.
  • Because the design and actual duties achieved following installation are seldom the same, we use our experience in air movement to mitigate any potential problems by sizing fan motors at the top end of their capability. We base our calculations on the fan duty specified by the client.
  • Short intermittent use of a single-phase motor may be acceptable as the heat rise within the motor would be limited, and the unit would cool down between periods of use. However, we do not recommend or supply this type of motor for any fan applications.

Should a single-phase motor still be requested, we would require this to be free-issued for us to fit. We would be unable to provide a warranty on the fan unit due to the potential issues that may be experienced.

APMG will always recommend three-phase motors controlled using a single-phase input/three-phase output inverter.

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Please see below the datasheets for our E-Series Plastic Fans.

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