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Published on 12th July 2022

Polypropylene Non-Return Dampers for Ductwork

By Louise Barnes

APMG Plastics’ expert thermoplastic fabrication team has manufactured a series of non-return dampers. They have been fabricated in fire retardant polypropylene and are perfectly sized to fit into our client’s extract system.

Dampers are just one the many essential components required to ensure an extract system functions effectively. The purpose of non-return dampers is to safely prevent backdraft within ductwork.

When the extract system is in operation, the airflow holds the blades of the non-return damper open. When the airflow is shut off, the weight of the blades closes them, preventing contaminated air from blowing back into the system.

Polypropylene is ideally suited for safely conveying aggressive media in chemically corrosive environments, and our professional team of designers and fabricators have many years of experience with this and other plastics.

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